Our Mission

Our mission is to go with fellow human beings on journeys that lead to personal fulfillment. It is our belief that one important way the world is made better is through the power of individual human beings self-actualizing.

It is our mission to reduce pain and suffering. We believe that as human beings we all carry legacies of trauma and oppression in our personalities, our interaction patterns, our families, and our communities. For any given individual, it is our mission to end these multi-generational legacies of trauma and oppression in our lifetime -- in this generation.

We provide top-notch mental health therapy services as well as lifestyle managment and professional development consultation, 

It is our hope that you will harness the power of our training and experience and use it to achieve the life of your dreams.



K.L. Thigpen, MSW, LCSW, is an Outpatient Mental Health Therapist, Lifestyle Management Consultant, and owner of Mind Form Personal Development.  K.L. is a long-time student of Vann Joines at the Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy in Chapel Hill, NC, where she studies trauma and family systems, and completied certification training programs in Transactional Analysis and Redecision Therapy.  As an avid lifelong student, K.L. continuously learns, practices, and develops new technologies for clients' personal growth and recovery.  K.L. is a passionate social justice advocate and graduate of 2 social-justice-focused programs at NC State University.  K.L. promotes personal responsibility and empowers clients to be radically autonomous of limiting familial and cultural conditioning.

Shie Beniste is a student of K.L.'s, training as an Outpatient Mental Health Therapist and Group Facilitator.  Shie is an MSW student at NC State University, currently completing a required internship with Mind Form.

Sarah Black is a second-year MSW student at NC State University, volunteering as a group co-facilitator at Mind Form.


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Written Content:  K.L. Thigpen, MSW, LCSW

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