While many people struggle with weight regulation, they may not realize that most serious weight problems are connected to underlying psychological wounds. These wounds may be outside the person’s awareness, and in fact, food often helps to keep it that way. This supportive group will help you get beneath the health problem and face the deeper issues related to your weight.

People who will benefit from this group may have concerns about: losing weight, body image, sticking to a weight loss plan, emotional eating, binging, and weight-related low self esteem. Some are facing serious health consequences such as type two diabetes, sleep disorders, joint problems, stress, and mobility issues.

This group will involve some of the following:

  • Ongoing psychological consultation and psycho-education about your unique personality adaptations and psychological schemas and how they relate to your issues with food and obesity.

  • Motivational interviewing, contracting, and micro-contracting within the group for the changes you most want.

  • Life Script Analysis.

  • Redecision Therapy for lasting change on the deepest level.

  • Help designing and implementing your own weight loss plan based on what you have tried so far, what works for you, and new information you are learning about yourself and food in the class.

In addition, we will read or listen to a book and watch documentaries outside of class and then discuss them with the group. These will be on various topics related to food and obesity in America.

Below are outlined some of the terms used above:

  • Personality Adaptions: The ways in which we change our personalities in order to survive or perform in our families of origin.

  • Psychological Schemas: Wounds we incur as we go through life that effect the ways in which we organize and interpret information about the world, ourselves, and other people.

  • Life Script Analysis: Uncovering parent messages, the child fantasies about what would happen to the child if they did or did not follow the parent messages, and the related decisions.

  • Redecision Therapy: A powerful therapeutic approach that leads to emotional, cognitive, and behavioral changes by uncovering scripts and early decisions and using feelings about those to decide anew.

  • Contracting: The process of getting in touch with your true self and getting clear on what you want for yourself and why, then agreeing to make that important and to get it for yourself.

All of the techniques used in this group are supported by your fellow group members and the therapist.

If you have any questions about the group, please feel free to contact us; we will be happy to provide more details.

Lasting Change Comes From Within.

Join us and start on your journey of change in a positive, healthy, and sustainable way.



Text, call, or email now to schedule an initial appointment or consultation with the lead clinician to see if this group is right for you.